Posted on 30 November 2016

The holidays are just super busy - even if we plan out our gifts, there’s always a last minute holiday party that comes up and we have to follow the rules: bring a gift, something other than a bottle of wine (even though I wouldn’t turn that away) and be fashionably late. Those are the rules, right? I’ve put together a group of goodies that aren’t just your plain ‘ol bottle of wine. Even though, you can use many of these gifts to accompany Plane Jane when she brings that bottle anyway.

Love, Ding.

Cotton Kitchen Towel $5 • Bottle Opener $12 • Equilateral Soap $12 • Reclaimed Wood Tray $34+ • Chalkboard Tablet $24 • Produce Candle $20 • Stir-it-up-spoon $6.50+ • Woodlot Bath Soak $27

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