Ever since finishing project #RenovateDING, I've been obsessed with perfecting the decor in every corner of my home! I'm not complaining (at all), but this has meant countless hours scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration when I should be sleeping. Is this anyone else also guilty of this?! 

One of my favorite design trends right now is raw wood. I think it adds so much warmth to a space, and my home office had been feeling a little bare. So, after seeing a few of my favorite bloggers, Emily Henderson and Studio McGee, featuring unique ways they've incorporated wooden bead garlands into a space, I thought to myself "I could make that!" 

In fact, you can find several D.I.Y. tutorials on Pinterest for how to make wooden bead garlands. But, I wanted add a little more playfulness to my design, by creating a unique pattern of shapes and sizes and by incorporating leather as another cool texture. I also wanted to build it in a way that would allow me to hang it in my new home office (or style it on my desk). I found the perfect assortment of beads on Etsy, and—y'all—I'll be honest, waiting for my packages to arrive was the hardest part! This craft is so easy to whip up, and would be such a thoughtful holiday gift idea. 




  • Assortment of your favorite wooden beads  (see resource list, below)
  • Leather string or similar rope
  • Scissors
  • Drill with ¼" bit (optional, if you need to create a hole through your wooden bead)


  1. Cut your rope to the desired length, leaving an little extra allowance for tying knots.

  2. Tie a knot at the top of your rope, leaving a loop for hanging.

  3. Stack your beads in a random or inspiring order!

  4. Once you have finished, tie a knot at the bottom to secure the beads.

  5. Cut extra rope off the end.

  6. Find a cute place to hang or style your new wooden bead mobile. Pro-Tip: You could even cluster several of these together, at different lengths, to make a bigger impact!

  7. Tah-dah!


Love, Ding