Not saying I have baby-fever or anything but will someone hire me to Spruce their kids room? Baby room? Playroom? Nursery. . . Anything! I ran across this room on Pinterest that’s from Project Nursery and love the warm colors that scream summertime! It’s been about 95° here in Austin so, summer. is here to stay for a while — even though its September.

I found most of the original sources for this room and it’s surprisingly not too big of a budget buster — it’s pretty on trend + stylish. I wanted to recreate this design at three different price points to show that you don't always need a lot of money to style the most perfect summer boho kids space! 

When it comes to my own designs for myself or for Spruce Kit clients, I like to mix high and low pieces. It comes together looking collected, polished but down to Earth. I’m not too keen on super stuffy spaces — they kinda stress me out. Y’all know what I mean. . .

Anyway, check out the three look-a-like options I put together:


MYDAL Bunk Bed, $179 | Alton Chest of Drawers, $395

While this is the least expensive option, it definitely is not lacking in appearance! With a little time and patience, I was able to source beautiful yet affordable pieces to recreate this fun boho kids room. A couple of my favorite budget-friendly retailers for home decor and furnishings are Target and Wayfair—they often have stunning items that even I sometimes have a hard time discerning from the higher-end pieces.



This is probably my favorite option, just because of the Serena & Lily rug! I used it in the Hip Living Room Spruce Kit for a young family and have thought about it for my own living room or master. I like to think of this mustard/chartreuse color as a neutral — it goes with everythaaang. Some of my clients have mentioned not liking the flatware rug style so, there’s a little more cushioned rug in the pricier look-a-like space. Keep scrolling. . .



 Ashby Three-Drawer Dresser, $799

This third design is obviously for those who have no problem splurging on luxurious furnishings—but, even though it's the least affordable design, it's still fun to put together a dream-worthy pairing of high end pieces. Namely, the rug! I love the monochromatic, but delicate hand-spun design of this piece by Restoration Hardware. Unfortunately the West Elm lamp I listed went out of stock shortly after I putting this post together, so here's another great alternative that has the same antiqued bronze look.

Which option is your favorite of the three? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Love, Ding