Is anyone else enjoying the cooler, rainier weather we've been having the last couple days? Technically in Texas we don't get a "real" fall, but that hasn't stopped me from wishing for colder weather so that I can bring out the layers, booties and hot chocolate. But until then, I'll settle for snacks from my new Austin-made ambrosia maple board and a glass or two of the most perfect rosé you have to try!  

Since moving into my newly renovated home, I've been budgeting a lot more than usual for all the unexpected little things you want + need to make a house feel functional. So, on this edition of Links I Love, I'm sharing my favorite new home goods as well as a few must-have items that have quickly become creature comforts! 

1. Ambrosia Snack Plate

I love everything made by Ash Grove Studio because she’s a super talented maker based locally in Austin, Texas. Her handcrafted products are beautiful, and have the smoothest finish I’ve ever felt (from using all-natural beeswax and mineral oil). I just had to invest in this stunning Ambrosia snack plate for my new home. On occasion, they will announce Instagram sales—so, keep a lookout! 

2. Case Stand Planter

One thing my front porch had been missing was a little touch of greenery.  Since the brick on my home is a grandma (or, rather, millennial) pink, I opted for a neutral white planter to add contrast and maintain the fresh + modern aesthetic from the inside, out! 

3. Idina Rug

This Surya rug is so so so cute! I’m still debating on whether I want to keep things neutral or add a fun pop of color to my home office. Stay tuned to my Instagram to find out which rug I end up choosing! 

4. Color Blocked Flatware

Who knew you could be this obsessed with utensils—is THIS what adulting feels like?! Design Love Fest mentioned them on her Instagram story, and I about died. They're really not a bad price for such unique look. My new kitchen is a combination of white, gold, black and wood elements so these fit in perfectly with my design!

5. Jolie 2015 Rosé

I recently went on a wine tour to Fredricksburg, Texas, and discovered this Rosé along the way! A group of us all loaded up in a bus and did cargo van karaoke all the way to and from Austin (which, in case you were wondering, is THE best way to road trip). We stopped at many wineries throughout the day, including Becker Vineyards. After tasting this particular wine, I knew I had to take several bottles home. It is perfectly light and not too sweet! 

6. Shapeless Overalls

Shapeless is my jam. I don’t feel restricted in these—they're practically just as comfy as a pair of yoga pants + a tee, but give me a little more of an artsy (and therefore stylish) vibe. All of my friends tell me I dress like an art teacher, and I'm not mad about it one bit! These are an A+ in my book. 

7. Minimalist Dinner Plates

Is anyone else obsessed with all white everything? This plate set is super modern, featuring a lipped edge. These were the perfect addition to my open shelving in the kitchen, and I absolutely love how professional + fresh my food looks when it's plated on these ceramic beauties.  

8. Rolling Canvas Laundry Bin 

My laundry room is on the opposite side of the house from my bedroom, so these rolling canvas laundry baskets are so much fun + super convenient! I got two that slide perfectly into my hall closet, and I'm happy to report that it's working out well so far!

9. All-Natural Deodorant

Hands down, this deodorant is amazing! When I moved, I stumbled across an entire drawer of deodorants that had failed me along the way. They either irritated my skin, didn't jive with my body odor or smelled like baby powder (which, personally, I hate). This one by Schmidt's Naturals has been a life saver—I haven't had any issues with its freshness lasting throughout the day. It’s also all-natural, which is a big plus!

10. Dry Texturizing Hair Spray

Some say you aren't a true Texan without BIG hair. I don't like to go too crazy, but my born-and-raised Texas roots absolutely can't stand being flat. With the unpredictable humidity, it can be an extraordinary feat to add volume to my hair. And exactly why this dry texturizing spray has become my holy grail hair product! I spray a little bit on my roots and throughout my hair to help hold my curls throughout the day. 

11. Amber Spray Bottles

I bought these spray bottles after attending an amazing Mindful Moments self-care event on essential oils, and the benefits of incorporating them into your routine. I, now, have a variety of homemade blends to help me with various "ailments"—peppermint for headaches, lavender to de-stress all dang day, and grapefruit to help energize me during those mid-day slumps! 

Did you purchase + LOVE any of these items? Let me know about it in the comments, below.


Love, Ding