Who else LOVES hanging out outdoors?

I mean, yeah, it's freaking HOT here in Texas... but despite the triple-digits, summer has always been one my favorite times of the year to host outdoor gatherings (admittedly, usually in the evening and with sufficient bug spray). From wine + cheese on the patio, to backyard game nights, I've been recently plotting a few upcoming events... perhaps slightly motivated by me wanting to get my backyard patio in better shape!

It's pretty much the only space in my new home that I've yet to do much with... 

My dad and I have recently made plans to add a cedar plank accent wall to my porch, which I'm SO excited about (stay tuned for a future #RenovateDING reveal)! And, in the meantime, that has me brainstorming all the ways I can furnish and style the space.  

Overall I'm inspired to create a neutral and modern space for entertaining and outdoor living. A few of the trends I've been noticing right now are: wicker, neutrals, and plants—specifically cacti!

It just so happens, that these are a few of the the things I'm also a little obsessed over right now... So, lately I've found myself adding "wish list" items to my online shopping carts as if they were Pinterest boards. Here are a few of my favorites from the mix:

1.  Indigo-Inspired Throw Pillows

Y'all already know I have a love of anything indigo-dyed! These durable pillows kind of remind me of this popular style, and I think they'd make for a great pop of color to my neutral palette.  

2.  Brass Cheese Knives

I love keeping these on display even when I'm not using them—they're that pretty! 

3.  Minimalist Cheese Plate

Let your cheese make the statement with this super chic, super minimalist cheese plate from CB2.

4.  Teak + Chair

This chair comes as a set of 2, which makes it pretty affordable in my opinion! The woven white wicker and wood design are eye-catching and modern. They look like they'd be pretty comfy too!

5.  Modern Wind Chime

I don't think I've seen another wind chime like this one! It's abstract, neutral + modern. The chime also make me feel like transported to a meditative state because of its soft, soothing ring.

6.  Metal Straws

Not only are these straws reusable and are environmentally-friendly (save the whales),  they also stay really cold... which is very refreshing on a summer day!

7.  Oversized Denim Apron

I have this apron and it makes me feel like a PRO. I can almost swear that it makes me a better cook! It has cute criss-cross detail in the back, and feels very modern and in-fashion with what I'd normally wear (which is not usual for an apron).

8.  Artificial Terracotta Planters

Even the best gardener can have a hard time keeping plants alive in the Texas heat. These little plants add color + require absolutely NO work! The simple terracotta-style pot adds a great natural texture to your overall design.

9.  Circular Log Stand

I’ve been looking for a place to keep my logs for the fire pit, and totally dig this display. I don’t have a fireplace, but it would also make for a great way to store wood off the ground inside your home. I'm in love with the little mid-century flare on the legs! 

If you're in need of a modern update to your patio or backyard, this is a pretty affordable arrangement. Check out the Resource List below to find out how to purchase these items for yourself!!


Love, Ding


1. Grey + Blue Zuma Pillows  |  2. Brass Cheese Knives  |  3. Minimalist Cheese Plate  |  4. White Strap Chairs (or here's an ultra-hip black + white version)  |  5. Modern Wind Chime  |  6.  Metal Straws  |  7 . Denim Apron  |  8. Snake Plant + Jade Plant  |  9. Circular Log Stand

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