One of my favorite parts about interior design is how each style can tell a different and unique story. No matter what your design style, you can create a space that reflects YOU! Bookcases are often one of the most popular ways to include a little personality into your home. So, I put together three all-different and all unique styles, from mid-century modern to a minimalist, to show you just how easy it is to achieve the perfect, well-balanced look for your home! 

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1. Mid-Century Modern

Maybe y’all can already tell, but Mid-Century Modern is my go-to personal style. To me, the style feels lived in and collected over time. In order to achieve this style, I usually incorporate a few thrifted items and lots of metal finishes, mostly brass | gold, geometric shapes and natural wood tones.

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2. Transitional 

This style is simple with a touch of classic. I’d say pretty much anything you find at Home Goods can fit into this style - It’s a mixture of modern, eclectic and traditional. Adding a few organic shaped pieces and textures give this style a softer look. Succulents can be added to any style but I added it here to give life to all these metal and wood textures.

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3. Minimalist + Modern

I tend to sorta over style things so, when I’m working with a home that calls for a more minimal look - I tend to set up the area with a fairly neutral color palette and then remove 1 - 2 items. Not overloading a space with stuff but adding a few bigger, more impactful pieces help to streamline this style.


Love, Ding