Gallery walls are all the rage! Not only is it a great way to eliminate blank white walls from your home, the various elements in your design can be a direct reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Check out four easy steps to creating a dreamy gallery wall in your home! 


Start with a blank canvas, of course. I think gallery walls look great in boring narrow hallways with limited space, on large living room walls that needs lots of artwork to fill it up, kids rooms, play rooms. You name it. You can measure this space so you know which pieces you’ll need or do as I do and eyeball it with these tricks.


Mock it up. I trace around each piece onto kraft paper, cut the shapes out and tape it up using easy-to-remove washi tape. Simple. This gives you lots of room to rearrange until you find just the right layout.


When choosing the items to add to your gallery wall, I always say think outside the box. Adding framed art (the usual) and mixing those with hanging vases, letters, baskets, vintage finds etc. help to make your gallery wall a show stopper.


Then, the finishing touches. Adding flowers to the vases and love notes in the baskets make this art feature really personal. Oh, and don’t forget to carefully remove all the taped-up kraft paper.


Love, Ding