I was inspired last week by a bouquet I ordered from @sendurbanstems to make this fun DIY floral table runner — perfect for dinner parties, Easter brunch or just as an excuse to get in the mood for spring! With the unseasonably warm weather we've been experiencing in Austin, I decided to style my table runner for an intimate outdoor dinner party. 


Pro tip: It’s important to include a variety of textures, colors and elevations when styling any well-designed space — including a table :) So, since my floral arrangement included a lot of oranges and pinks, I paired each place setting with these vintage Pink Depression and Etched White Tumblers. To add some depth, I layered orange and pink accented glass poppy plates on top of plain white chargers and peppered in a set of adorable black and white PEP-N-SALT SHAKERS (get it — haha)!

I had a lot of fun putting together this project for y’all. I hope it inspires a springtime full of community, fun events and flowers!







  1. Measure out rope to extend the desired length of your table. I extended mine about a couple inches farther than the table length on either side to allow for the runner to drape down the sides for a more organic feel. To accommodate more guests, you could also cut the rope shorter to leave room for extra place settings at the ends of the table.

  2. Cut down the stems on the  foliage to various lengths, and arrange various types of seasonal greenery together to add the desired texture and weight. In this particular arrangement, I used a combination of baby blue, silver dollar and seeded eucalyptus.

  3. Find the center of your rope and begin to attach the greenery with floral tape so that it flows outward from the center of the table. Continue to layer the foliage along the rope until the rope isn’t visible or until the desired fullness is achieved. Depending on the style and budget you’re going for, this table runner can be made as detailed or as simple as you want it without sacrificing quality.

  4. Lastly, disassemble your floral arrangement and cut stems (leaving a couple inches attached to the flower) and place flowers throughout the foliage. Accessorize with with berries, additional eucalyptus buds or other colorful and fun accessories, like these paper honeycomb picks. 


Name tags are another way to immediately dress up any party. So, as a final touch, I put together simple DIY watercolor name cards for each place setting and tucked them inside these little envelope place holders. They’re a personalized, thoughtful reminder to your guests of all your effort and love that went into planning such a sweet gathering!

If you're not feeling up to the task of writing each guest's name, these would look just as cute with a scripted font from your computer. Simply format 6-9 names on a 8.5x11 sheet of cardstock, print, and then cut each name card to size before painting!


Love, Ding