Finding the perfect mailbox for your house is kind of like finding the perfect outfit for a job interview! Besides the landscaping, it is typically the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. So, my design goal for this project was to find a mailbox with a mix of modern and classic styles to perfectly complement my little 1957 ranch-style home.

When I first laid eyes on this house, I was so excited by the fact that it had an at-door mailbox! (it's the little things, am I right?!)

Did you know?
Every residential development built after 2012 will not be allowed at-your-door mail delivery? For almost a decade now the postal service has been making an effort to move away from door-to-door delivery, in favor of the more centralized cluster mail boxes. (You know what I'm talking about — those unsightly, silver, P.O. box-style installations on every street corner of newly developed neighborhoods!) 

As I started narrowing down my choices, I figured it would be fun to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into what my design concepting process usually looks like. I'm an extremely visual person, so Photoshop is by far one of my favorite interior design tools! For this particular project, I simply did a little internet sleuthing to find the mailboxes I liked the best, narrowed down that list (a little), and then photoshopped each one onto a snapshot of my front entryway. 

After this process, I realized fairly quickly that I would want a black mailbox to match my new matte black windows. Another element to this decision was considering which exterior porch light I would want directly above the mail center. I'm still narrowing down those options (stay tuned for a blog post!), so I knew I wanted to choose a mailbox that was easy to coordinate with — AKA: no big or bold statement pieces.

Here's what I found! 


I was immediately drawn to the super clean lines on this mailbox. However, I really don't like that the handle is silver, and that black is a little too glossy for my taste. If it came in a matte black/brass option I would've been SOLD! 


Because I liked the sleek design of the black Modbox, I decided to test it out in white. Sometimes trying out an option you wouldn't normally choose is the way to find the perfect match! I love how clean it looks next to the brick, but I know myself well enough to know I would never quite be happy, since it would be next to impossible to get all shades of white to match.


I loved the idea of incorporating more texture in the front entryway by finding a wood, or mixed-material mailbox. This one is made from black steel and mahogany. However, after seeing it against the grandma pink brick, I  changed my mind!


I love the classic shape of this box, and the details on the top flap. It is also available in matte black, which was top on my priority list when I began my search for the perfect mailbox. However, I ended up not choosing this one because I felt like the metal didn't look durable enough to weather the number of years I want to be in this home.


I love the width and height of this mailbox! It's the perfect size for all of the design catalogs and magazine subscriptions I receive on a weekly basis. For me, the only downside is how plain the design is. I think this mailbox would look too basic.


This one is cool because seeing a mailbox with the word “POST” on it is old school and definitely gives that curated vintage vibe. But, I was a little confused as to how this mailbox works. Since it locks, I'm not quite sure if the mail (wo)man would need a key to drop off the mail. And more importantly, I feel it would be too bulky for this small space since it protrudes from the wall a lot more than most.


This mailbox is just a larger variation of the one depicted to the left. On this one though, I particularly liked how the address numbers could be engraved at the bottom, and the fact that it was thin and tall. But, alas... this mailbox just doesn't match the vibe I want. 


I fell in love with the fact that this mailbox comes in a matte black option! The envelope has a little old school vibe, which I think goes well with the ranch style house and my vintage boho vibes. My only initial concern was that it would feel a little to kitsch, but upon further consideration, I decided it was exactly the right amount of flair I needed!

And the Winner is...

After weighing all of my options, I decided on Option #8! What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts or your favorite in the comments, below!  

Next on my #RenovateDING to-do list? Picking a porch light that goes with my brand new matte black mailbox, a welcome mat, pendants for over the kitchen island, sconces for bedroom, and... a new king size bed!! Stay tuned!  


Love, Ding