I was so excited when my cousin called me up to ask me to help with her 12-year-old daughter Alison's bedroom. They were already planning to update the space, but Allison was adamant about switching things up from the rest of the home's shabby chic style. You know teenagers—always wanting to follow in the opposite footsteps as their parents. 😂

So with that in mind, we all got together to brainstorm a Spruce Kit design that would give Alison a place to do homework, read, do her makeup and still fit a comfy queen-size bed. The other main takeaway was the importance of transforming her space from a little girl's room to modern, fresh & fun space that would give her the room to grow and represent her own transition later this year into a young woman.

Here are a few before pictures of her space! You can see that they fit a pretty nice sized sofa, queen bed, bookshelf and dresser—so there was plenty of space to work with.


Two of Alison's favorite colors are pink + grey, so you'll see that was a common theme on her Pinterest board and the final design. We picked soft, neutral tones of each color to keep the space feeling modern. 

In her new room we opted for a soft pink for the bottom quarter of the walls, unique storage solutions beside her bed and underneath bench seating. I also found this adorable wall-mounted desk that can easily double as a place for schoolwork, or a vanity.

And although her room is carpeted, the two accent rugs help add those cozy vibes.

My favorite part of this Spruce, though, was probably creating a cute but comfortable desk area for her, now that homework and makeup are becoming a part of Alison's daily routine. But, really, I just wish I had this kind of style + inspiration when I was her age! I'd totally have died for a room like this one.

Instead, my very first DIY projects was repainting my childhood bedroom walls in an alternating baby blue and pastel yellow—full on Looney Toons Tweety Bird status, y'all! My dad was so weirded out by my color selections that he even refused to help me and my friend commit this 80s faux pas. And in hindsight I can't even blame him, it was actually awful.


Let's just say, we're all SO glad my design preferences have improved since then. 🙈 

Did your parents ever give you the opportunity to design or decorate your own space when you were growing up? I'd love to hear what you chose, or your favorite part of the design process! Let me know on Instagram or in the comments below.

Love, Ding


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