This was my very first nursery to design, and it’s safe to say that I’m feeling a little baby fever after finishing this calm, whimsical and oh-so cute room! I’ve done a few designs so far for kids and teens. But, this project in particular was a fun challenge, because my clients wanted to keep the gender of their new baby a complete surprise!

Gender Neutral spaces are becoming more and more popular for children’s rooms, as we see designs branch out from the traditional baby blues and pinks. So, luckily there was no shortage of adorable furnishings to choose from! And it helped that my client and mom-to-be, Amy, already had a great design style in mind for this cozy room.

She had selected this adorable vintage-inspired Hawaiian wave wallpaper, and a West Elm glider to pair with an existing warm tone dresser her and her husband had in the space. Amy just wanted a little help brining these three cornerstone pieces together into a cohesive design that didn’t feel under or over done. For these reasons, and the added convenience of e-design, the Spruce Kit made the most sense for this project!

From our collaboration on their private Pinterest board, I observed that Amy and her husband gravitated toward cool colors, and warm wood tones. And in particular, they were mostly drawn to blues and greens. While these are both typically seen as “masculine” colors, I knew I could design a space that incorporated all of their preferences with a neutral spin — a room that would feel engaging and inspiring for their new baby, regardless the gender.

In order to balance out the bold blue statement wall, I softened the room up with white shiplap along the wall of windows and added texture with woven rope, shag and wicker elements. I also can’t get over how adorable this muted pastel rainbow pillow is. Is it weird that I really want one for myself?


I also recommended Amy keep the dresser as is, instead of painting it. I think the wood tone warms up the space nicely, and keeps it from feeling too “baby”—even after converting it to a changing table of sorts!

And guess, what?! The day after I delivered their Spruce Kit design, they introduced a healthy baby B O Y into their beautiful family. Welcome to the world, Witten! I hope you love living in your room as much as I enjoyed designing it for you.

What’s your favorite part of this gender neutral nursery Spruce? Let me know in the comments below (or on Insta)!