The holidays are just super busy—even if we plan out our gifts, there’s always a last minute holiday party that comes up and we have to follow the rules: bring a gift, something other than a bottle of wine (even though I wouldn’t turn that away), and be fashionably late. Those are the rules, right?!

In honor of this occasion, I’ve put together a group of goodies from the Love Ding shop that are about the same price as a bottle of wine, and bound to 'WOW' the party hostess. 

LoveDingBlog-Best-Hostess-Gifts-Under-$35-Interior Design Tips-Links-I-Love.jpg_love.jpg

1. Cotton Kitchen Towel | $5

2. Bottle Opener | $12

3. Equilateral Soap | $12

4. Reclaimed Wood Tray | $34+

5. Chalkboard Tablet | $24

6. Produce Candle | $20

7. Stir-it-up-spoon | $6.50+

8. Woodlot Bath Soak | $27


Love, Ding