Here's another go at a fun DIY this holiday season! So simple. So timeless. I never want to take this wreath off my door!

I got most of the supplies at local craft stores (except for the wood beads I got from Etsy), and the greenery was all from Central Market—I think they've got the best selection in South Austin. I'd love to see pictures of your DIY Living Wreath! Feel free to show me in the comments, below, or tag me on Instagram (#LoveDingDIY).


Project Time: 45 minutes



  1. Use your shears to trim your greenery off the main branches. I used a variety of pine, seeded eucalyptus and silver dollar eucalyptus, but whatever is in season will work well for this DIY.
  2. Cut several short pieces of floral wire to use as ties. Wrap the wire around each bundle of stems and twist to secure to your wreath frame, repeating until your wreath feels full.
  3. Use the floral tape as needed to stabilize and stems to the frame. 
  4. Cut 4 pieces of veneer (1 long, and 3 short). Use the hot glue gun to create the loops and tails of the bow.
  5. Attach the finished bow to your wreath using a single piece of floral wire. 
Love_Ding_Blog_DIY_Living_Wreath_Renovation_ Front_Door-1.jpg

I styled this living wreath at my new house/#RenovateDING project (because, well, the front door is cuter than my current door). The project is slow right now as the guys are just tearing stuff out and it looks pretty bare bones. Yes, the brick is pink and yes I think I'm gonna leave it that way? Maybe? I posted a photo of the gutted living room/kitchen below, it's y'alls little sneak peek. Keep a lookout and I'll post more about the remodel on my Insta stories 'n stuff! 


Love, Ding