When Chelsea Francis (@ohhhchelsea) asked me to reimagine her office and transform it into a happy, rejuvenating workspace I was beyond excited! We chatted about her needs and how she uses her space, as well as some of the things she loved/hated about her current office setup. 

She needed organization, storage, function and inspiration. I started by doodling her space out on a big blank piece of paper, drawing in her desk and storage pieces I knew she wanted to keep. I shopped around at some of my favorite stores to find clever ways to display her collectibles (the inspiration). Once I found pieces I knew she'd love, I added them to the sketch to ensure they fit in the space.


She also mentioned to me she wanted a fun way to display her polaroid photos that she had stashed away. So, I came up with a photo holder DIY that anyone can make (stay tuned on the blog for the how-to). This gives her the ability to change out the photos for a quick refresh or new source of inspiration.


Chelsea posted a fun behind-the-scenes of this Spruce on her blog as well, and it's super cute! You should definitely go check it out!


Love, Ding