Some say that the living room is the heart of your a home.  Well, when I came across this photo on Amber Lewis' Instagram, I knew this to be true. The warmth, mix of styles and natural elements in this space make it feel instantly comfortable and homey. 

But if I had to guess, the cost for this design probably came in around $20k. That's likely more than the entire renovation budget for some homeowners... So, I wanted to recreate this design at three different price points to show that you don't always need a lot of money to style the perfect living space! 

When trying to mimic a design I find online or in magazines, I first try to identify the main feature of each piece in the room -- basically what makes it stand out and "look cool." Whether it’s the bold color, shape, material or texture I like to take notes and keep those design aspects in mind when shopping for look-a-likes.

Check out the three look-a-like options I put together:



Taupe Sofa, $849 | Coffee Table, $136 | Accent Chair, $250 | Rug, $127 | Media Console, $320 | Wooden Mirror, $108 | Sea Bliss Artwork, $75 | Black + Marble Lamp, $31

While this is the cheapest option, it definitely is not lacking in appearance! With a little time and patience, I was able to source beautiful yet affordable pieces to recreate this classy bohemian living space. A couple of my favorite budget-friendly retailers for home decor and furnishings are Target and Wayfair—they often have stunning items that even I sometimes have a hard time discerning from the "luxury" pieces.



Gray Sofa, $1,200 | Coffee Table, $399 | Accent Chair, $649 | Rug, $1,499 | Sideboard Console, $449 | Metal Framed Mirror, $299 | Sunday Blues Artwork, $93 | Black Ceramic Lamp, $85

This is probably my favorite option, just because of the accent chair! Although the leather is a tad darker than the inspiration photo, it's hands down the best look-a-like piece I found for this post. I'm obsessed with the beautiful combination of textures on this mid-century inspired chair. And at just under $4,000, this is still an accessible option for those looking to transform their space with a timeless + modern design.



Elliott Sofa in Destiny, $2,415 | Plank Coffee Table, $999 | Accent Chair, $900 | Rug, $5,295 | Sideboard Console, $2,945 | Stainless Steel Mirror, $599 | Waikiki Artwork, $299 | Antique Bronze Lamp, $199

This third design is obviously for those who have no problem splurging on luxurious furnishings—but, even though it's the least affordable design, it's still fun to put together a dream-worthy pairing of high end pieces. Namely, the rug! I love the monochromatic, but delicate hand-spun design of this piece by Restoration Hardware. Unfortunately the West Elm lamp I listed went out of stock shortly after I putting this post together, so here's another great alternative that has the same antiqued bronze look.

Which option is your favorite of the three? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Love, Ding