Things are moving along fairly quickly now at the #RenovateDING casa! I finally got around to ordering my new letterbox mailbox, countertops have been ordered, and kitchen cabinets installed with pretty new hardware.

The vibe I've been going for in the kitchen has been a modern approach to minimalist meets farmhouse. What I realized as I have been going through the selection process is that I tend to prefer neutral colors for the "foundation" pieces (aka: things that can't be changed easily, such as paint, cabinets, floors). So, most of the decisions up until this point have been, well, sort of plain...

I got really excited when it came time to picking out the pendant lighting for over the kitchen island, because I knew I wanted them to be the furthest thing from plain! And as you can tell from the clip above, pendant light fixtures have the ability to completely transform a space!  

Although I didn't want to go overboard, it was my goal to find something that would make a bold statement and contrast well with the mix of neutral colors, natural woods and textured finishes I plan to incorporate into the space. 

Here's what made the shortlist:

And the Winner is...

Option #2:
Cremona Pendant Lights

Because I wanted a nice contrast, it was easy for me to rule out all of the clear, white and understated pendants from the mix right from the start. And after weighing the rest of my options, I just couldn't get over how well these 18" matte black and brass pendants from cocoweb coordinated with the hardware from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. and Dolphin Gray shaker cabinets from UB Kitchens

Excuse me while I go do a happy dance! I can't wait to move in next month.... but there's still a long list of to-dos on the punch list, so stay tuned to the blog and Instagram for more #RenovaDING updates in the coming weeks! 

Which option was your favorite? I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments, below! 


Love, Ding