Hygge [hue-gah] — noun
A Danish cultural reference for the art of incorporating coziness and contentment everyday life.

My design aesthetic has always gravitated toward clean lines and cozy spaces, but after reading The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking I've been so intrigued by the concept of actually LIVING hygge. This has meant more than just incorporating lamplight + candles all over my home... although, I'm a firm believer in both of those things (lighting is a major part of creating cozy spaces). The art of hygge is largely about learning to live more intentionally—all in an effort to bring more warmth and happiness to our emotional well-being. 

So I thought: why not bring a little bit of hygge and happiness to the things we spend so much time staring at day-in and day-out? Our screens!


I partnered up with The Paper + Craft Pantry to style a series of digital wallpapers full of cozy textures, happy patterns and all things hygge as a special surprise gift just for you! 

The cool colors and natural elements of these Scandanavian-inspired images are an instant mood booster, and the perfect addition to your Each image is sized-to-fit most smartphones and desktops, and ready to save + share with friends—just fill out the form below to get the free downloads sent straight to your inbox.👇🏼


Love, Ding